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Employment Practices

At Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services, we offer California businesses a full complement of commercial insurance policies, including an oft-forgotten but much-needed policy type. We're referring to an employee practices policy.

What is employee practices insurance?

An employee practices insurance policy covers specific liability relating to the employee-employer relationship and the employee-customer relationship. It covers any wrongful act "arising from the employment process."

What does that mean?

Most commonly, you'll find that a business uses this insurance policy to cover settlements related to accusations or charges of:

However, our business also draws other financial protection from this type of policy. You receive coverage in cases of inappropriate workplace conduct, whether relating to an employee or a customer. Let's say your employee defames a customer. The customer sues you. Your employee practices insurance covers that.

Besides defamation, this insurance policy covers:

The insurance policies offered by Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services cover every level of employee from your C-level to your receptionist and maintenance workers. This type of insurance policy covers acts by your directors, officers, management, and employees.

In addition to offering this important type of commercial insurance, we also offer workers' compensation, business liability, commercial auto, and many others. Call or visit us to discuss your business insurance needs. While you're on our website, use our handy quote form to get a personal home or auto quote.

Contact us today to talk about your insurance needs. Let Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services help you insure your California business with employee practices insurance to protect your financial security.

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