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Workers Compensation

Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services Offers Essential Policies for Businesses

The regular operation of a business can expose your company to different types of risks that can mean expensive losses that undermine your financial planning. Business insurance policies help to defray the expenses caused by unexpected incidents so that you can keep your company on a solid financial footing. General liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance are among the most essential policies needed for the everyday operation of a business. At Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services, we help California businesses acquire the right insurance coverage for their unique needs.

What Is General Liability Insurance?

Most businesses require general liability insurance to prevent losses from unexpected events. General liability insurance covers a variety of losses from bodily damage or damage to property that may result from your company's products, services, or operation. It defrays the cost of medical expenses that may occur from a client or customer falling at your place of business. It can also cover damage to a home or property by the actions of one of your employees while they are doing tasks related to your business. General liability insurance will also defray the costs of lawsuits that your business might face.

Understanding Workers Compensation Insurance

Worker injuries may require medical treatment or may involve loss of wages while recovering from the injury. Workers' compensation insurance is designed to provide insurance coverage for medical treatment of these injuries and covers wages that may be lost while the employee is in the recovery period. Workers compensation insurance is required in California, even if you have only one employee or workers that are only employed part-time.

Make Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services Your Agent for Commercial Insurance

You may have questions regarding the appropriate coverage for your business. Our experienced agents can provide detailed information to ensure you have the right insurance for your unique needs. Contact Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services today for a free, no-obligation quote on workers comp and general liability coverage to protect your business from expensive financial losses.

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