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General Liability

When you already have business owners' or business insurance, it comes with some coverage for general liability. A business umbrella insurance policy adds more coverage in addition to this insurance. Business umbrella insurance comes with very high limits, and this leaves you better protected than with your first policy alone. This coverage can be beneficial when you are faced with an expensive lawsuit, and your general liability insurance reaches its limit. If this were to happen, your umbrella coverage would come in after that insurance maxes out to cover what is leftover up to its own very high limit.

General Liability

Different forms of business insurance protect you against various risks, but your business may not be as well-protected as you think it is. You may need more coverage than you have, and business umbrella insurance can help. If you are interested in this form of coverage, call us today at Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services in California.

Businesses that Need Business Umbrella Insurance

Many businesses need business umbrella insurance, and it often comes down to the type of business and the amount of liability coverage they already have. If they have high coverage requirements, an umbrella policy can be ideal. If your company has more risk than the typical business, you may need this type of coverage. Having risky operations or getting a lot of traffic can often necessitate this type of coverage to cut liability risks.

Some companies are required to have this insurance. For instance, oil companies are required by the Federal government to have this coverage. Sometimes, a landlord can require it for a business, or a client or contract may require you to have it.

Get Your Business Covered

If your business could use more liability coverage, you may need a business umbrella policy. To find out more about these, give us a call at Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services in California.

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