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Personal Umbrella

Umbrella insurance is good to have because it covers you and your family members within your household. It is considered a type of personal liability insurance and can also cover injuries to another person or their property. If you find yourself in need of more protection, whether it is for your home or auto insurance, consider an umbrella insurance policy with us here at Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services in California.

Umbrella Insurance Requirements

There are no laws in California that require insurance holders to obtain an umbrella insurance policy. However, it is most often purchased by individuals who possess many assets they need to protect. It is also purchased by those with a higher chance of becoming sued. If you own any property, it is worth the investment to obtain umbrella insurance coverage.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

You get to choose the limit for your umbrella insurance policy. It is merely an extension of your auto, home, or other insurance policies. It provides coverage for property damage, certain lawsuits, injuries, and personal liability.

If you are at fault for a car accident that results in injuries to another driver, your regular auto insurance policy will typically only cover the other driver up to the limit you have chosen. For example, if you have a $250,000 limit on your auto insurance policy and exceed that limit due to a car accident, your umbrella insurance policy will cover the difference.

Most umbrella insurance policies are available in increments of a million dollars. For example, you may choose a $1 million policy or a $5 million policy. The goal is to obtain an increase of protection in the event of an accident.


To obtain a quote for umbrella insurance, contact Reza Shah Financial & Insurance Services today. We are located in California.

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